City link cabs PTY LTD

City Link Cabs is a road transportation company with its Head offices situated in Johannesburg, Gauteng. We offer a wide range of services namely taxicab services, inter-provincial shuttles services, corporate transfers and coach charter. City Link Cabs – focuses on transporting customers to and from airports, to Gautrain stations within the Gauteng province, as well as to various destinations within Johannesburg and surrounding places. We are an established door-to-door shuttle service provider, taxicab service operator and a shuttle operator to lowveld area Mpumalanga Nelspruit as well as to Hoedspruit and to Greater Kruger National Park.

We serve a diverse client base, thus as part of our growth initiative, we recently have established another exciting adventure that offers shuttle services operating between Gauteng and Mpumalanga particularly Nelspruit and Hoedspruit. At Citylink Cabs we have adopted a SMART and LEAN approach in our daily operations to both delight the customer through high quality service and grow as an organisation.

Our mission

At City Link Cabs it is our mission become one of the best shuttle and cab companies offering outstanding world class service across the region by providing smart, safe, reliable, affordable and professional passenger transportation services. We will wow our customers through our continued passion to provide superior cab and shuttle services by demonstrating our core values with dedicated team members utilising innovative strategies.

Notably, we are highly proficient at working:

  1. Individual clients
  2. Groups or teams
  3. Corporate organizations
  4. School children
  5. Religious organizations

Individuals and corporate contracts can be arranged for weekly or monthly payments and enjoy some discounts. Please note that for individual contracts we only accept payment in advance. Corporate organizations are eligible for a thirty-day account payment option.


Our dedication to unparalleled safety and customer service has remained unchanged through the years, it is the reason we are continually going up the ranks in terms of recognition and market growth.



The most important piece on the board is the CUSTOMER. We view our customers as partners, and we focus on building healthy long-term relationships. Whenever we are involved in planning the cab and shuttle services along with the client or customers, we routinely suggest and recommend cost saving ideas that can be considered without hurting the customers budget or compromising the quality of service.


Safety is always taken seriously. Our drivers undergo thorough training and retraining to ensure driver safety. In addition, we employ rigorous screening approaches, including drug/alcohol screening, criminal background check, personality testing and medical reviews. Our vehicle maintenance approach and schedules have enabled us to complete our trips without any mechanical problems or discomfort to the clients or customers.

Customer Service

Our employees are the also our brand ambassadors to the general public. We therefore try to employ the right people and train them to be a good image of the company and be well equipped to deliver exceptional service. We cultivate the culture of respect and dignity amongst our team members and we always encourage them to extend the same ethics more profoundly to our customers. A happy customer means good business for the company. In the long run we will be applying statistical models to monitor traffic incidents, mechanical failures and customers service reviews to verify that our passengers have or had a great experience Above all, it is through our timeous and diligent approach to these values that we have had a great opportunity to keep growing as a brand.


1.       We are contactable telephonically 24/7 on +27 83 434 4035 and +2711 202 5440

2.       Our fares do not fluctuate and are kept constant throughout daily, therefore are affordable

3.       We ensure that we are 10 minutes early from the requested time, reliable

4.       Your safety is ensured as our vehicles are monitored by satellite 24/7, and all vehicle complies with transport regulation by having up to date passenger liability.

5.       Speed point payments can be available on request upon making your booking.


6.       Electronic transfers and online payment are available for client’s convenience.


We Provide Drivers Also